Helmut Huber | Berlin

* born in Heidelberg/1962

* studied Geography in Berlin.Did work on enviromental studies and analyse satellite data (eg. rain-forst-philippines). There I got in touch with digital imaging, and instead of doing my graduate I got more and more involved with ART. I do this kind of art since about 3 years know.

* several showings on the web

* two "off-line" showings in Berlin; one in NewYork

*some work for journals, transforming photos for friends/people, webdesign

my webiste:

presentations on the web:

"offline" showings:
Miles, Berlin, 1999
Mann-o-Meter, Berlin, 2000
Open Mind gallery, New York, 2000publications.
Computer Foto
Gayzone, 1999
Gay-Express, 1999